Tayden T

If you'd like to learn more about me, you can visit my website or meet me in the pit!


Can I use your art as my icon or header?

- Yes! Please credit me in your bio/about, it helps a lot! :D

Can I repost your work?

- I'd prefer not, but if you do repost, please include proper credit--I really appreciate it!

Can I use your work commercially if it's not under contract with me?

- No.

Do you do NFTs?

- No. I also don't allow the minting of any of my work under any circumstances.



form link

Thank you for your interest!
Please read the information below before commissioning me!
If commissions are closed, message me to get on the queue!

✔ OCs✘ Anything offensive/inflamatory
✔ Fanart✘ NFT
✔ Portraits of real people✘ NSFW depictions of real people
✔ Non-sexual nudity 

* I can refuse anything that makes me uncomfortable.


- You can freely use your commission on your social media or Twitch/YouTube avatars and headers, or even print for personal use. Please credit me in your bio if possible, I really appreciate it and it helps a lot!- These commissions are for personal use only and don't transfer legal ownership of my work to the client. Please do not reproduce, sell or use for profit, or claim my artwork as your own. If you're interested in working with me for a commercial project, email me for discussion regarding rates and contracts.- Clients do not have the right to mint/sell any of my art as/for NFT.- By commissioning me, you confirm that you've read and accepted these terms.


- Payment is in USD ($) and done through PayPal invoice.- All payments are up front.- I'm able to offer refunds only in the event that I haven't sent you linework for revision, or if I'm physically unable to complete the commission.- The price might increase if many additional revisions are requested, extreme detailing is involved (such as a background or props), or if a tight deadline is given.

*I've updated my rates as of 30 Sep. 2022

Sketch Page$90Msc. sketch collection. Add one other character to the same canvas for +$70.
Half Body$125+ Add extra characters for +$90 each.
Full Body$175+ Add extra characters for $130 each.

* All supporters on Patreon have priority during openings, and Atropos tier gets a 10% discount.- If your commission doesn't seem to fit into any of the categories above, I'll happily help you figure out pricing via email or DM


- Read the TOS and fill out my commission form.- 1 commissioner can occupy up to 2 slots. In these cases, please separate your emails by slot.- I currently don't create characters from scratch for people, so please provide some reference, even if it's just a written description, some photos off Pinterest, or a stick figure sketch.- If you have a very specific scene or pose in mind, please include direct reference or a stick figure sketch. This makes it easier for me to draw exactly what you want.- I appreciate shorter character descriptions, as longer ones make it very difficult to keep track of details, and require more time for me to parse through.- I typically check in a couple times throughout the process: Once during linework and once during final for minor corrections (i.e color or small details).- I accept payments as they come and then work on commissions in order of workload. Smaller commissions get done first.- Commissions can take anywhere from a week to a few months. I'll state otherwise if needed, and keep in touch during longer waits.- You'll be provided with a full resolution copy of your commission via email!